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Cinema is the mirror for society.  In it we see reflected not only the shell of society, but also the deep corners of man's soul and psyche. Regardless of whether we watch movies to be shocked, saddened, revolted, frightened and cheered, the emotional impact is our main goal.  The desire to live vicariously through the actions of someone else, even someone we fear is so strong that shows like A Clockwork Orange have become cult movies.  Each layer and era of society has produced film that echos the extremes of the people who lived through them.  The films also underscore our shared humanity in all its glory and gruesomeness.

By looking at the movies that left a lasting impact on the cinematic world, we can celebrate the craft that went into them and honor those who pushed the envelope and changed film forever.  We can also examine how movies reflected the beliefs and hopes of the people who watched them when they were first on the screen.  Through the movies, we can see archived like photographs, the harsh realities and psychological demographics of the times.


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